Opera System Phones
Opera Executive with DSS
The Operafone Executive and Operafone Standard are two-wire digital system phones that give the end user easy access to the powerful facilities of the Opera range of business systems. Each is equipped with a backlit display that facilitates navigation in all light conditions.
image IP Executive Desktop phone Brochure
(PDF format)
The Professional and Executive IP terminals each have 4-line back-lit display. They can be used as fully featured system phones with line and extension status. They can be deployed as secure remote terminals for the home worker, over Internet, or connected directly to the in-house company LAN.
Softphone app brochure Smart apps Brochure
(PDF format)
The Smartphone apps are the extension of the PBX to the iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. They operate over WiFi, 3G and GSM.

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