KPN facilitates the best in distributed team working.

Unified Communications keep the fish flowing.

Smart phone apps smooth the flow in top European wine region.

French lawyers advocate VoIP networking.

Opera 20 IP eases the pain in Belgium.

Mayor votes for Flexicom platform.

Football Club F.C.V Dender E.H. steps up to IP.

Transport Operator Juba chooses the Opera 4.12e to filter callers.

Auto-Attendant ensures professional handling of calls for busy Liège Consultancy Office.

Plug and play IP keysets make the difference.

Ryder Cup Security guaranteed by Opera Flexicom.

Dunboyne Credit Union selects Opera Flexicom for Voice over IP.

Busy childen’s creche in Rhenen, Holland, installs Opera Flexicom with Operator console.

KPN facilitates the best in distributed team working

Customer Requirement
KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in The Netherlands, offering wire line and wireless telephony, internet and TV to consumers, and end-to-end telecommunications and ICT services to business customers. The KPN SME technical support group operates from several locations and needs the most flexible communications to achieve the guaranteed response times for its critical work with customers, front line field engineers and international suppliers.

KPN chose the Vox DaVo Large IP with desk-top system phones in the local and remote offices and PC and smart phone soft phones for specialist engineers on-the-road. Presence leds on the system phones mean that team members are aware of the status of key colleagues.

Product deployed:

Distributed by:

Installed by:

• Vox DaVo Large IP (Opera 240)
• ISDN 4 BRA module
• Voicemail
• Automated attendant
• IP system phones
• IP soft phones
• Smart phone apps
• Call Record
• User Portal
• Outlook synchronisation
• Keylink CTI
Koninklijke KPN N.V.
Maanplein 55
2516 CK Den Haag
The Netherlands
Koninklijke KPN N.V.
Maanplein 55
2516 CK Den Haag
The Netherlands
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