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Auto-Attendant ensures professional handling of out-of hours calls for busy Liège Consultancy Office

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Sebastien Phillippe is the Managing Director of Success – a dynamic and innovative player in the Belgian market for business consultancy, recruitment and professional coaching. When the company needed to invest in a telephone system to handle the increasing volume of calls to their Liège office Sebastien selected the Forum 300 (A version of the Opera 2.1.6) which is marketed by Belgacom for its rich features and the stylish and versatile phones.

The integrated Voicemail and Auto-Attendant features were key reasons for the choice of the Forum 300. The Auto-Attendant is used to announce the company opening times to callers who phone outside office hours. The company has also opted for the stylish and versatile Forum Phone 315 which makes it easy to use the rich set of features on the system.

In addition, the remote maintenance and upgrade capability of the Forum 300 enables Belgacom to provide a highly reliable service to this busy professional office.

Solution offered:

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Installed by:

• Opera 106 (Forum 300)
• Integrated Voicemail
• Automated Attendant
• Operafone Standard (Forum Phone 315)
Koning Albert II-laan 27
B-1030 Brussel
Koning Albert II-laan 27
B-1030 Brussel
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